Our Team

Mike Breen – CEO

In 2016, Michael Breen joined Treverity directly from the Energy Management group at Siemens.  As an Energy Storage  subject matter expert,  he was an early leader in this Utility segment.

I was recently  invited to join Treverity and become the CEO.    I feel incredibly lucky to have this opportunity and tremendous respect for  founders, Mike Till and Mike Chappell for what they have put together.  I have a long background working to help companies grow.  I have raised money for growing companies as an Investment banker and I have successfully raised over $100 million for companies where I was an active executive.


Michael Chappell – Founder

Chappell is a relational database expert and has worked for more than 20 yrs in the electric utility industry with System Operators.

I was Born in Normal, Illinois and grew up in Texas.  I have spent my entire career working to bring technology to operations to drive business transformation with the last 17 years focused on the utility industry.


Mike Till – Co-Founder

Till has over 20 years experience developing technology based solutions for data management and later for Energy industry customers. He has worked with multiple startups across a variety of industries and most recently with Accenture for a major petrochemical client. Till is chiefly responsible for all of technology development.

I was born in Portland, Oregon. My father was in Technology so I was exposed to it at a very early age. I wrote my first computer program at 9 on an ATARI 400 w/ a BASIC cartridge. Throughout my career I have held roles in almost every part of Tech, from phone support to Architech.


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