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We provide powerful software solutions for Utility clients that reflect our deep history and knowledge of the utility operations.    Our software is designed with an empathetic understanding of user experience.   Our expert services empower individuals with actionable intelligence derived from Utility Core systems like Outage, MDMS, Customer AMI, etc.   Through our Consulting Partner sales channels we can deliver software and services to  help enterprises unleash the full potential of their people and investments. Our mobility platform delivers all of the high-performance business applications while leveraging the inherent advantages of mobile devices, like off network usage, GPS, Cameras, and Voice enabled searching.

Our Human Integration Process

Human Integration

Putting people first – doing the hands-on research that then assures solving for the right problems.

The practical purpose of using a Human Integration process is to define the path and success of a solution by the needs of the actual users.


Taking the Persona and mapping out their daily tasks, struggles, pain points, challenges and more.  A deep dive into the daily world through the users’ eyes.

The practical purpose of defining the journey is to understand the tasks that the user is attempting to complete.  Documenting this journey often reveals the real opportunities, challenges and pain points.

Persona Example


A Persona is a composite view of audience segment – we use elements of different people with common characteristics to create an easy to use composite.  A Persona document isn’t a final deliverable, but a representation of research done with users.

The practical purpose of a persona is to assure that all design and development decisions are made with audience needs in mind.


A Persona may play more than one role – A Crew Member may do things differently when a 1 Man, as opposed to the Big Crew Team.

The practical purpose of defining roles is to assure that design and development decisions incorporate the differences in roles to the architecture and experience of the solution.


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